Review – Lara Antebi

Album: Skin Collection
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Genre: Folk

Montreal born and based singer Lara Antebi released her debut album Skin Collection on July 20th. This album tells many stories of letting go, while delivering a raw and honest spirit that would strike a cord or thought in anyone listening in. Most of the songs on this album feature soaring melodies, with a fresh young folk rock sound.

“Fake It” is a very nostalgic and playful song which makes it a great listen. It definitely draws you in from start to finish.

Another one of my favourites on the album is “Tomorrow” it features a great melody and is a soothing song. All about focusing on today and worrying about tomorrow when it comes along.

Lara has a passion for folk music, as it shows evidently to anyone listening to this album. She draws you in with her whimsical voice and lyrics. I very much enjoyed listening to this album.

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