Hunter Brothers latest single “Born and Raised” is a tribute to all Canadians and their hometowns

July 26, 2017, is a very special day for brothers Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty Hunter. This is the day that they celebrate their prairie roots with the release of their second single “Born and Raised” from their debut album Getaway to Canadian country radio. What also makes this one so very meaningful to them is that the high-energy video for it was shot on their family farm as part of a large benefit concert supporting local charities in their hometown of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan on July 14.

If you listen to this tune with your eyes closed for a moment, you can imagine yourself looking around your own hometown with amazement and with a feeling of pride. Their own pride for their hometown is reflected when they sing, “I’ll never leave this little town, the family, the memories, the roots that I put down.”

As with every song that these brothers sing, their harmonies are tight and “Born and Raised” is one that the brothers truly sing from their hearts. This is a song that is so beautiful that you’ll have goose bumps form on your arms while listening to it.

Says J.J. Hunter,

“No matter where we travel, we always feel our hometown calling us back. The song is all about the things that make us proud of where we’re from. We’re honouring family, farm, faith and community; the people and things that made us who we are today.”

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