Review – Matthew Byrne

EP: Horizon Lines
Release Date: Available now
Genre: Folk

Folk artist Matthew Byrne dazzles with his third album, Horizon Lines. A collection of originals and rich interpretations of traditional songs, Byrne offers evocative eleven tracks anchored by his commanding vocals and refined guitar skills.

Opening track, “Long Years Ago”, is a gentle, woodsy introduction to Byrne’s style. With a focus on storytelling through lyricism, imagery, and downhome instrumentals, Byrne’s approachable lead vocals takes on an almost Scottish tinge. Toe-tappingly upbeat, “Long Years Ago” is a summery jaunt that won’t soon be forgotten by folk-genre lovers and mainstream listeners alike.

Late-album “Kitty Bawn O’Brien” takes on a sleepier tone, Byrne’s voice once again stealing the spotlight: sturdy and unassailable, Byrne slows the cadence of the background instrumentals down and paddles listeners downstream, completely immersing them in the world he builds through his lyrics. His voice is impossible not to fall into.

Strong, masterfully crafted, and classically beautiful, Matthew Byrne is a timeless Canadian treasure, and Horizon Lines keeps in line with his standards.

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