Review – White Hot Guilt

EP: White Hot Guilt
Release Date: July 21, 2017
Genre: Electro/Indie/Dance

WHITE HOT GUILT is the brand new studio project of Josh Warburton (July Talk) and Toronto producer Thomas D’Arcy (BROS./Small Sins/Tommy Hawkins). The first track ‘Little Things’ is out now and the self-titled debut EP is released July 21st.

July Talk fans will know Josh as the brooding stoic bass player dressed in black; the right side bookend of lead singers Peter Dreimanis & Leah Fay, but this new collaboration goes back way before then.

The two met years ago when Warburton was looking for musical therapy post-rehab and a place to park to develop his songs, while D’Arcy was looking to advance his new studio (Taurus Recording). As these meetings often involve, timing was everything and the pair’s complementary talents resulting in a progressive/retro dance vibe.

The first release ‘Little Things’ is a taste of things to come with its beat-heavy production and myriad of musical contributors. The Press Release states, Daft Punk meets the Bee Gees or LCD Soundsystem meets Stevie Wonder, and that kind of sums the sound up. A nice PR sound bite but in fairness, it is much more than that. There is certainly a common thread running through the music with a heavy sprinkling gold sequined glitter dust, but the additional cast and unexpected horn section provides a huge depth of sound, but still keeps the airplay-friendly energy and atmosphere.

The 5-track EP features a Chic-style anthem in Good Crowd Tonight that is guaranteed to get any dance floor moving and could well be a break out Radio hit this Summer. Girl features a stripped down ambient vibe with a slick chorus, and even features an appearance on drums by Josh’s July Talk rhythm section buddy Danny Miles. Super slick production, sax and sunshine/patio perfect! What’s not to like?

Canadian Beats asked Josh about the project “The carefree vibe to each writing session was helping me feel passionate about music again. It was kind of like being transported back to those early days of jamming in your parents’ garage, with no expectations. The only rule was to keep it fun.” 

All proceeds from the sales will be donated to “SKETCH” a Toronto-based community-arts-development initiative that creates equitable opportunities for young people homeless and on the margins from across Canada to experience the transformative power of the arts. Anyone wishing to support the project can do so by clicking through to their website.

SKETCH is how they met, created and produced, and that’s how they’ll pay it forward. Music certainly has a magical quality, but WHITE HOT GUILT are making sure they add the fun to Funky!

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