PREMIERE – Early Coast releases new single, “Around Here”

Photo Credit: Amanda Curdt

Early Coast is the musical alias of 21 year old Toronto based musician Eddie Vargas. The project came to be in 2016 when Eddie took a break from playing in other bands in the city. Today, we are happy to share with you the exclusive premiere of Early Coast’s single, “Around Here”.

When asked about the single, he responded:

“Around Here’s refrain originally came from a jam session with my band Repeating Fields where I sung this short phrase: “I haven’t seen you around here” during one session. Those words always stuck with me for some reason. The music itself was grown from a series of short sketches I wrote years ago. The song just kept growing the more I recorded and eventually turned into this anthemic piece with my friend Dylan’s drumming and my friend Naomi’s beautiful harmonies.”

Connect with Early Coast:

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