Review – Peter Panthers

EP: Peter Panthers
Release Date: February 8, 2017
Genre: Punk, garage

The edgy new self-titled release by Dartmouth punk rockers Peter Panthers is most definitely not one to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The four song EP is packed with fire, punch and a vocal style that verges on the aggressive.

Peter Panthers began as “Loving Problems” but with the addition of Coco Marie’s vocals into the mix, the name Peter Panthers has stuck. Originally released in February, the EP was re-mixed and released in April for your enjoyment free on bandcamp.

The entire EP has a very punk rock feeling that is somewhat reminiscent of the 80’s UK punk scene, particularly the fourth track “Party Crashers” with many elements that bring back a feel of the Sex Pistols, Jilted John or even Operation Ivy. The EP feels raw, almost giving the listener a taste of a live show which, for the style of music, many listeners would appreciate; however, for those who prefer a more polished sound, this EP may end up being a little unrefined.

Peter Panthers have been tearing it up along the East Coast this summer so if you are in the mood for an amped up, vibrant show with a retro feel, definitely check this band out.

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