Adyn Townes releases stream of “Sad Songs” for 72 hours

You may recognize Adyn Townes, but not be too sure why. Townes was formerly known as Andy Brown, but has changed up with sound along with his name. Although, if you were a fan of Andy Brown’s music, I am certain you will enjoy Adyn Townes just as much, if not more. The vocals, as always will pull you in, and the music will keep you there.

Today, Adyn announced that you can hear his new single, “Sad Songs” for FREE for the next 72 hours in anticipation for his upcoming show in Fredericton at The Capital Complex on Friday, July 21 , so of course we jumped on board to share this news!  If you’re in Fredericton, or want to make a trip for a great show, grab your tickets HERE!

Connect with Adyn Townes:

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