Inside The Music – Interview with George Rock from World Rock Countdown

For this segment of Inside The Music, we spoke with George Rock from World Rock Countdown about his show, why he felt it was needed and more! Enjoy!

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello everyone! Im George, Host of The World Rock Countdown.

Tell us a bit about The World Rock Countdown.

This isn’t your typical countdown show. I don’t believe in playing the same singles over and over for what could be months at a time…it gets old. With that being said, The World Rock Countdown strives to find the hottest emerging artists from around the world; yet to be discovered.  Fresh new music each week from new bands around the world that you’ve never heard. The playlist changes each and every week. You get the opportunity to hang with me via podcast or on the site each and every week.

Fresh rock music and hangout once a week sound good?

You are looking to uncover the planets top emerging artists, care to tell us about a few Canadian artists/ bands that you’ve had the pleasure of finding out about?

Let me be the first to tell you that Rock music in Canada is thriving. One band that has stood out for me the last couple of weeks is the band High Love out of Western, Canada. I’ve heard one of their singles and I am dying to see them live.

Gypsy Chief Goliath –  They are blues rock and definitely are making a name for themselves. Think Thin Lizzy meets Black Sabbath with hints of Chris Cornell.

Polarity – One of the most unique sounding bands in the country. If you’re a fan of Tool and interested in hearing something different this would be the band to check out.

What made you feel that this type of radio show was needed?

Being in radio for close to a decade and playing in a band, showed me both sides of the spectrum.  It’s very hard to get on the radio these days because stations aren’t willing to take the risk to play your music. Especially here in Canada.

In 1971, the federal government made it a law to play Canadian Artists on the radio.

Radio needs to play 40% CANCON (Canadian Content) – This regulation was originally implemented to promote our artists and give them a start in the music industry in Canada.

This may have launched the careers of some of our idols or peers in the industry, but it’s not working anymore. Instead we’re hearing the same bands on rotation.   People need NEW music all the time! Too much research goes into songs, but not enough goes into actually asking the people what they want.

The fresh music feel is gone from radio – At the World Rock Countdown, we’re committed to bringing back that feeling of discovery, excitement in music for Canadians and people from around the world.

How can a band or artist connect with you to talk about getting airplay or an interview?

They can always email me and I’d be happy to check out their new tunes and interview them.

I always love a good conversation, and hearing new music over a cup of coffee.

What plans do you have in the future for World Rock Countdown?

Though I love doing radio, I think it would be very cool to travel the world and meet different bands from various countries around the world. See them live, interview them, and make it a TV show. That will be in a few years time, but now we’re focused on developing our show and getting it on the radio across the world.

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