The Breakwater Barge Series—bringing the roof down one Friday night at a time

What:  the 2nd-annual Breakwater Barge series
When: 5 PM to 9: 30 PM, May 26th through Sept. 22nd
Where: 201 Dallas Road

Homespun, heartfelt, and humanitarian, Morgan Brooker—music programmer for the 2nd-annual Breakwater Barge Series—combines the best of what Victoria has to offer every Friday evening for the duration of the summer. For a mere $2 donation music-goers enjoy a myriad of local craft beers, ciders, and wine, a slew of Victoria-based food vendors, and a collection of Victoria’s finest bands—all during the peak of Canadian weather.

With a portion of each admission going to charity, it’s no wonder that the summertime event has been labelled as both fun and family-friendly. Its venue sits on Ogden Point, a lattice of piers that overlook the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean: the sun hangs above the canopy that arches over the stage, acting as a natural spotlight. The atmosphere froths with a mixture of liveliness and anticipation; the Breakwater Barge Series truly has something for everyone, and it shows. Whether it’s the deep-fried pickle spears from the Deadbeetz food truck, artisan wine, the strong sea breeze, or the musical lineup, children and adults alike showed no signs of discontentment.

The 14th of July hailed Victoria-based Union Cartel as their headliner: featuring talent from local favourites The Electric Timber Co., Germany Germany, Fox Glove, and Black Angus, Union Cartel is a roots-rock group with character. The combination of their down-to-earth stage presence, good humour, and overwhelming talent coalesces to create the rip-roaring performance Victoria locals seemed to be craving.

After the Breakwater Barge Series’ prodigious success last summer, it’s no wonder why it returned for its second season—and with concerts like these, it’s clear to see why.

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