Review – Travis Wiebe

EP: Simpler Times
Release date: Available Now
Genre: Indie/Folk

Self-released and self-motivated Saskatchewan songwriter Travis Wiebe is taking his first steps into the Canadian music scene with his lyric-based solo project, Simpler Times. Chasing his dreams of becoming a renowned songwriter, Wiebe’s five-track EP is a showcase of his authenticity as a musician, his homegrown feel as a songwriter, and his evocation of that distinctly Saskatchewan atmosphere in his songs.

Opening track “Phone Call From a City Bus” is an echo of what the title of the EP promises: a twangy, gently swaying, simplistic shard of easy listening, the song is a combination of lulling downbeats and blunt lyricism. Appealing to fans of Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot, Wiebe is a master of that drowsy, late-summer ambiance, his array of background instrumentals melting together to create a wholesome and straightforward sound.

Late-track “Majestic” ups the tempo whilst retaining that easygoing feel. With all tracks similarly and distinctly him, he hits the nail on the head of the indie/folk genre he was aiming for, each verse ringing true as authentic and homespun.

Clean, honest, and soothing to its core, Simpler Times succeeds as a faithful reflection of Wiebe’s skill and passion for songwriting, and is a must-listen for those seeking calming afternoon tracks.

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