Get The Shot releases new lyric video

Quebec-based hardcore band, Get The Shot have recently released a brand new lyric video.  “Hellbringer” is the second track from their upcoming album, Infinite Punishment (New Damage Records).  The album is set to be released on August 4, 2017.  Get The Shot is set to tour select locations in support of their sophomore album, including an album release show in Quebec City on August 3rd.

Canadian Tour Dates:
August 3 – Quebec City – Complexe Meduse, Salle Multi – Album release show
August 19 – Mirabel – Desbouleaux Fest
September 16 – Jonquiere – Le Deluge Fest

October 21 – Thetford Mines – Bar le Cactus

 ”Hellbringer” was written as a reaction against the rise of the politics of fear and the proliferation of the hateful discourses that legitimate the logic of domination and exclusion in our contemporary societies, Get The Shot’s vocalist J-P Legacé explains.

In a time where voluntary servitude and social indifference seem to be the dominant norm, I believe that the hardcore/metal culture has the duty to reaffirm its role as a social critic and to reiterate its solidarity towards the oppressed, the abused, the persecuted; in order to not become the accomplice of the barbarity that afflicts us. And this is what this song is all about: a clear and distinctive call to eradicate all forms of oppression, to question our own propensity to inaction and to set fire to the foundations of a world built on the fear of difference.

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