Review – Quantum Tangle

Album: Shelter As We Go…
Release Date: July 7, 2017
Genre: Folk rock/Blues

Building off their 2017 JUNO Award for Indigenous Album of the Year, duo Quantum Tangle are continuing to awe with their first full-length album, Shelter As We Go… Drawing from their respective Anishinaabe-Métis and Inuit backgrounds to create a fusion of traditional and modern sound, the beauty and importance of their Indigenous roots is put front and center as they tackle topics like colonialism and systematic racism. The result? Raw, hard-hitting lyrical storytelling at its finest.

Opening track “Tiny Hands” is a layered audible painting. Bluesy downbeats spatter across impeccable harmonies; stellar vocal ranges splash across a chorus that is as haunting as it is irresistibly catchy. And, woven all throughout, lyrical brilliance that is evocative without overtaking the splendor of the music itself.

That being said, early-album “Igluvut” takes all these high points and improves on them, while at the same time adding even more of the duo’s individuality. Mixing in traditional throat singing as a metronome, “Igluvut” succeeds as both the album’s prime tearjerker and its most beautiful track musically: their yearning to express their collective past, how that bleeds into the present, and their longing to offer a safe space to marginalized groups through music all surfaces eloquently while simultaneously becoming one with the track instrumentally. It’s a symbiotic relationship so rarely seen in modern day music now, to have such a raw and ringing-true truth be the backbone of a song that’s dying to be put on repeat for the rest of your night once you click “Play” for that first time.

Fearless, original, and musically masterful, Quantum Tangle combine the best of the old and the new, and offer a musical experience that is at once both completely singular and completely listenable—one that won’t soon be forgotten.

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