An outstanding summertime song, “Soggy Bottom Summer,” by Dean Brody and featuring Alan Doyle is released with perfect timing

Summer is upon us and with that we all need a few songs to help us enjoy this time of year – the hot days, warm nights, fun and upbeat tunes – to make lasting memories. You know when you hear a certain song, and know you exactly what year it’s from and that melody takes you back in time and you remember all the good that comes with that memory; then you smile. Well, “Soggy Bottom Summer” is going to do that for you. This is Brody’s fourth release from his album, Beautiful Freakshow.

Dean Brody says this about “Soggy Bottom Summer,”

“The vision for this song came from enjoying the dog days of summertime, the happiness you feel when the season finally arrives in Canada.” Plus, Alan Doyle is a great friend of mine and fit naturally into the song for that fun back-and-forth banter about keeping a low profile from the authorities while you’re chilling on the river.” 

Whether you’re from the East coast or the West, because these two are each from the individual coasts, their music styles meld to give you a song that everyone can get into.

Download or Stream “Soggy Bottom Summer”.

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