Calgary Stampede 2017 – Photo Review – Alx Veliz & Nelly Furtado

Day four of the Calgary Stampede was an eventful one. The grounds were packed, as 2017 is breaking attendance records all over the place. The weather was a bit cloudy and humid, but a nice chance from the also record breaking heat wave we have been in the middle of.

The Coke stage welcomed Toronto based singer, songwriter and producer, Alx Veliz. His style is very modern dance/electronic mixed with the perfect mix of Latin. Veliz is best known for his single “Dancing Kizomba”.  The set went off without a hitch.

Then came time for headliner Nelly Furtado to hit the stage. Only problem was the clouds were not looking good, and notifications were popping up everywhere warning of a storm heading our way. Sure enough, 10mins before Nelly was suppose to go on, the storm hits. Everyone was suddenly running for shelter as the rain came down hard enough to cause some small flash floods. The lightening and thunder was also enough for the event staff to call a delay of the show for everyone’s safety. So there we were, a couple thousand people just waiting for the storm to pass. Thankfully it did after about an hour, and the show must go on. Staff worked hard to bring the stage and equipment back to standard and in safe and working order, and then it was time for Nelly.

Nelly Furtado blasted the music scene in the early 2000’s with her hit “Im Like A Bird” and has been consistently putting out music that we can’t get enough of since. She has won numerous awards including Grammy’s and 10 Junos! Not to mention sold over 40 million records world wide. I think it’s safe to say people love Nelly Furtado. Of course playing the hits everyone loves like “Powerless (say what you want)” , “Maneater”  and many more, nor fans or Nelly seemed bother by the rain.

For more photos from the Calgary Stampede Coca Cola stage through the event, head to our Facebook page!

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