Review – Too Soon Monsoon

Album: Little Fire
Release Date: July 7, 2017
Genre: Pop

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan pop duo, Too Soon Monsoon, have released their debut EP, Little Fire.  Consisting of pianist and vocalist Greg Torwalt and drummer Nathan Henry, the duo’s four track release plays around with trends from modern indie and alternative pop along with older and subtler R&B influences to deliver a solid debut.

Little Fire opens with the title track, a ballad that, while very well written, does not immediately grab the listener due to its slow nature, making it an odd choice to kick off the EP with.  That being said, over the course of four minutes, the song slowly builds in excitement with the addition of syncopated rhythms, vocal harmonies, and shifting dynamics.  While it may have been an odd choice for the first track, it certainly is the strongest across Little Fire.

A very close contender to “Little Fire” is the following song, “Balance”, a track which reaches back to soul music from the 1960’s and 70’s for inspiration.  The track see’s Torwalt play with a variety of vocal techniques and textures- including breathiness, layered and rhythmic harmonies, and at the songs climax, a triumphant scream at the top of his range- making it a standout for his vocal ability.  Unfortunately,  Little Fire is an album which peaks too soon as the following and closing two tracks fail to live up to the excitement and innovation of “Little Fire” and “Balance”.  Both “We’ll Live Forever” and “Wander” are good songs which capture a fun and bouncy pop feel, but neither left me compelled to hit repeat as the first two did.

Overall, Little Fire is a solid debut record from Too Soon Monsoon which shows potential for the pop duo to grow as a member of the growing Canadian indie pop community.  However, the album is not without its flaws, which take away from the overall quality and excitement as laid out by the record’s opening two tracks.

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