Review – FEVERS

Album: Apologia,
Release Date: July 7th, 2017
Genre: Electronic Rock

Ottawa, ON Electronic Rock band FEVERS, have just dropped their new album entitled Apologia. FEVERS consists of six members who all put their own talent into their music to create something new and intriguing to listen to. With FEVERS growth in the Canadian music scene, they have had the chance to share the stage with some great artists like Tegan and Sara at Bluesfest. FEVERS are now being played on some radio stations regular rotation which is very exciting for the band. Apologia is FEVERS second full length album and it features ten tracks.

The song that first caught my attention was “Why Can’t I Say No?” It’s the second song on the album and is very catchy to listen to with its repeated lyrics and interesting melody. “Why Can’t I Say No?” is a song that I can totally see myself playing on repeat and singing along to. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The other song that captured my interest was “Wait For Light”, which is the eighth song on the album. The song is beautifully written and had me hooked from the beginning. The song will have any listener dancing along as FEVERS sings about having one last hold on someone. Apologia showcases FEVERS love and dedication to their music and everything they create. Overall, the album was a good listen and was very well put together. I have really enjoyed listening to FEVERS. I will definitely be adding some songs onto my playlist and keeping track of what FEVERS does next. If you are looking for something new to listen to, give FEVERS a shot.

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