Dauphin’s Countryfest – who’s a headliner for 2018 and the stats for 2017

Florida Georgia Line confirmed for the 2018 Festival!

As the Club Regent Casino & Event Centre Main Stage geared up for the Saturday night’s shows, Countryfest organizers took the opportunity to make a special announcement to the sold-out amphitheatre. Florida Georgia Line will play at Countryfest next year. The crowd found out through a video that was set up and seen on the Jumbotron. The screams were ear deafening.

Dauphin’s Countryfest by the numbers

Dauphin’s Countryfest 2017 was phenomenal. They had great entertainers, great people, and great staff with a security team that was first class, great venues, great food and more. You might be interested in the behind the scenes numbers. I know that I am. So here they are:

Number of artists: 40 bands on three stages over four days
Number of artist meet-and-greets during the weekend: 7
Number of lucky fans who got to meet-and-greet: 277
Number of tour buses and semi-trucks that rolled through: 15 buses / 6 semis
Number of drum kits that were housed backstage: 8
Number of trips to and from Dauphin with the show runners: 150
Number of Main Stage backstage crew who pulled off three major headliner concerts (and then some): 18 to 20
How much Timmy’s consumed by production: 25 x “Take 12s”
How much water in the dressing rooms: 197 x 24s
Number of foodie trucks onsite: 20
Number of campsites utilized this weekend: 3,890
Industry standard for ticket redemptions: 90%
Countryfest’s redemption rate this weekend: 97.6%
Number of entries in the campground decorating contest: 42 (most ever!)
Number of members on Countryfest’s Board of Directors: 10
Number of full-time year-round Countryfest staff: 3
Number of volunteers who work at the Festival: 2,000
Number of years that Eric Irwin, Countryfest’s president, has attended: 28 (every single one!)
Number of years that Rob Waloschuk, Countryfest’s promoter and producer, has been booking the talent: 27

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