Review – Shvman

EP: I Am Shvman
Release Date: April 29, 2017
Genre: EDM/Hybrid Trap

Hailing from BC, Shvman unveils some amazing EDM/Dance/Hybrid Bass/Trap remixes and it’s that kind of music that you want to hear in that dark underground hall that’s filled with flashing lights and pure energy, where you don’t stop dancing until those lights go on. What a great remix to his original EP.

Shvman has released this crazy remixed EP with a remix called “Artist” (Mully Remix), one called “Ba$Ic B!Tch” (Cvzz Remix), and my favourite “Helicopter” (Caliber Remix).

“Artist” is the lighter of the three tracks with an easy feeling vibe. The meaning of the song is in this track and it is a banger. I could totally see this song in a movie. It has some very experimental sounds and a jazzy hip beat going on. Very good track to just sit back and chill to.

The best thing with the next track “Ba$Ic B!Tch” is the way it does a 360 flip from the first mix to this one. The beats and production hype up the lyrics and bring the vocals of the artist out in a dope way. I feel there is a few genres brought into these tracks which includes a bit of 80’s dance, some Dubstep/EDM and that fun 90’s dance mixed into a great roller coaster of fun!

“Helicopter” is a killer remix with some hardcore vibes to it. This is my favourite off of the release. The drop in the beginning had me speeding in my ride and then the chorus kicked in and my reflexes had my hand smacking the roof. What a great track. I would love to see this one live in front of thousands of hyped up energetic festival goers.

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