Review – Grizzly

Album: Reaper
Release Date: May 11,2017
Genre: Grind Core

Grizzly comes at us with this new album release entitled Reaper and it’s some heavy hitting, fast metal with amazing hardcore instrumental playing strong through it all.

The band is made up of Mark on guitar and his two brothers on drums & vocals, as well as their best friend on Bass. From Wingham, Ontario, no one is getting any rest in this town with this positively noisy hardcore band.

With twelve tracks to choose from, Grizzly will leave you rocking out all night. Make sure you have that extra hard drywall cause these few tracks probably will be causing some damage and destruction somewhere. These were my favourite ones on this intense album.

“Bi(:)ch Grinder” has an evil Bill and Ted feel to it with some futuristic guitar play and amazing vocals. The intensity on this track keeps you stuck in it all the way through. The guitarist possesses pure skill and he’s as fast as hell.

“Reaper” is all bass and drums. A fast and funky song that keeps your heart pumping with every strum of the bass. The drums are out of this world and keep your head banging all the way through.

“Hung and Gutted” is a dark title and the bass playing has a mind blowing Twilight Zone feel to it. I need to see this band live. I could only imagine how intense this song is. I bet this one gets the mosh pits going!

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