Review – Mundy’s Bay

Album: Wandering & Blue
Release Date: June 2, 2017
Genre: New Wave/Synth-Pop

I am an 80’s kid and a big lover of pretty much all of the music that came out during that glorious decade. However, I came to the fold of “New Wave” pretty late in the game. It wasn’t until my early twenties where I started to really appreciate bands like The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division, and even Blondie. But now I can’t get enough. I’m a total addict. And the re-emergence and “revival” that’s been happening in pop-music over the past couple of years is fantastic.

Montreal’s Mundy’s Bay fits so perfectly into that revival that it actually feels as though they was plucked directly from 1979 London. Their new EP Wandering & Blue is short (at five songs) but magical and leaves you wanting more. And while it does sound like something you’ve heard before, it’s just different enough to keep you interested.

It opens with “Oceanside”, where you immediately get a flavour for what these folks are about – heavy on the drums and synth balanced out on the high-end with echoy vocals and feeling like your spinning in a dark club with lights dancing everywhere. Then they slow down just a touch and start channeling Morrissey. The song “Strange Feeling” (my favourite) is basically a mash-up of Blondie and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. I sincerely dug this whole thing from beginning to end.

I hadn’t heard of Mundy’s Bay before I did this review and I’m honestly glad I chose to do it – they are stellar.

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