Shania Twain returns with new single, “Life’s About to Get Good”

“Life’s About to Get Good” for fans of Canadian pop-country music icon Shania Twain. After fifteen years, many musical rumors, and tons of patience Twain has finally announced that her fifth studio album, Now is currently scheduled to be released on September 29, 2017. With the pending album release Twain has finally blessed us with a brand new song. Twain gave the song its very own public debut when she performed the tune during her headlining set at the Stagecoach Festival earlier this year.

With viral videos of her performance at Stagecoach, and even an appearance of the song in a TV spot for the Winter Olympics, “Life’s About to Get Good” has finally be released to downloading and streaming services for fans to enjoy in all its studio version glory. Twain penned the song and used it to confront all of the trials and tribulation of her 2008 divorce from former husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange. The absolutely infectious single marks the return of Twain and gives us a crystal clear indication of what exactly Now has in store for us.

“Life’s About to Get Good” has a great tempo and beat. The track is purely classic Twain, fifteen years later and she can still turn out quality music. “Life’s About to Get Good” has a lot of the mystical essence that Up! had back in 2002, and picks up right where she left off. Written by Twain, she called in the talents of singer/songwriter Matthew Koma and record producer Ron Aniello to produce the track and bring it to a brand new level. With Koma heavily invested in pop/punk rock/hip hop/EDM genres and Aniello’s production skills ranging from gospel to pop, you can definitely hear some well blended elements throughout the song. I love the joyful choir and the evident uplifting message throughout the track. Anyone doubting the return of this musical icon only needs to give the track one listen before they find themselves tapping their toes and basking in Twain’s musical glow.

Personally I cannot wait for the full length album, and right now fans who feel the exact same way can pre-order Now on Twain’s website. With basic album pre-orders starting at $30.00 (CAN), you can also pay top dollar at $1,325.00 (CAN) for a mega package of Shaina Twain goodness. With the purchase of any package, you get an instant download of “Life’s About to Get Good.” For now you can check out the single in iTunes, Spotify or other major music streaming and retail services.

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