Review – Mully

Album: Nostalgia (The Remixes)
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Electronic

Vancouver-based electronic music producer Vince Mullville a.k.a Mully has released a series of remixes of his earlier released LP Nostalgia. The remixes bring another level to the original songs, while not messing with their integrity. Building and blending the songs with different sounds adds another dimension to them – one that is sure to keep listeners hooked.

Kicking off the remixed LP is “Inception” (The Coriolis Project), which added a futuristic spin- the song itself feels very lowkey, however the vibes it delivers are much heavier and almost haunting . Sounding very surreal and uplifting, it surely calms listeners.

Next up is the title track “Nostalgia” (Mully and Davie Roibot), quite different from “Inception” – fun and funky, it fills the room with smooth vibes; the echoing and quirky drum/ vocal mix are sure to have listeners toe-tapping and swaying along.

“A Little Less Crying”(4) (Mully & the Purple Razor)s, is again quite different from its neighbouring tunes – the rap-esque lyrics add a very cool and hip tone to it, while a similar beat construction add dubstep feeling to this spunky song. Lyrically, the song is jam-packed – singing about heartache, with such a creative and upbeat twist.

Rounding off the album of remixes is “Revelation”( Mully, Nubua Leiva and Darnell Richier). The name entails exactly what this song makes listeners feel… completely at peace, and very relaxed. The occasional whispered vocals add a sense of serenity, while the wavy, soft beat is as calming as can be.

Nostaliga is an LP that brings everything to the table – every emotion a song can make you feel is presented. Mully hit the nail on the head with the clever remixes of original songs, turning them into masterpieces. To check out more original and remixed work by Mully – visit his Sound Cloud page (linked below!)

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