Shawnee releases new single, “Warrior Heart”

Raw, fearless, and unflinching, Ontario-based singer-songwriter Shawnee is making audiences bow under the message of her hard-hitting single, “Warrior Heart”. Having partnered with the We Matter campaign, Shawnee is carrying “Warrior Heart” like a banner to Toronto, where she is performing at Pride, Wild Women, and the Indigenous Arts Fest. All proceeds are going towards combating indigenous youth suicide, and the result? A standalone radio hit with backbone.

Having shared stages with big names like Lady Gaga and Tegan & Sara, Shawnee’s skill—as well as pure, unadulterated passion for her art—fuels the song from its first line to its last. With a powerhouse of a voice, incredible vocal range, and lyricism sharpened to seamlessness, the track establishes itself as one that carries the same catchiness as popular radio hits while still retaining its loyalty to the craft. The chorus ties it together, raining down upon the audience in an awe-inducing tsunami.

Powerful and artistically sound, “Warrior Heart” is a pulls-no-punches hit that demands attention—and for good reason.

Tour Dates:
June 21 – Ottawa, ON –  Aboriginal Day Live
June 22 – Toronto, ON – Pride Toronto @ Dundas Square
June 24 – Toronto, ON – Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues
June 25 – Toronto, ON – Indigenous Arts Fest
July 2 – Vancouver, BC – Canada Place
July 22 – Mississauga, ON – #BollywoodMonster Mashup
Aug 14 – Montreal, QC – Montreal Pride
Aug 27 – Ottawa, ON – Capital Pride

Connect with Shawnee:

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