Review – Rococode

EP: Young Ones
Release Date: June 16, 2017
Genre: Indie/Electro-pop

Vancouver’s synth sensation Rococode are dazzling with their latest EP, Young Ones. A blend of moody club mixes, 60’s-inspired jaunts, and opulent bops that wouldn’t be out of place on atmospheric TV hits like Stranger Things and Riverdale, Rococode hits the 2017 aesthetic on its head, blending sheer talent with a firm grasp on their target audience.

The same-titled “Young Ones” kicks off the six-track list with a hair-tosser of a song. Sunshine-y and psychedelic, the duo holds a kaleidoscope up to the ears of their listeners, their harmonies seamlessly uncompetitive. Easily classified as vibe-heavy easy listening, “Young Ones” offers a fresh perspective on the genre of electro-pop while still retaining a classic, irresistible catchiness.

Late-EP “Brutal” offers a grungier, harder-hitting alternative, delving into the duo’s flexibility as artists. Alternating leading vocals between tracks—starring both Andrew Braun and, in this song’s case, Laura Smith—gives each song a fresh sound, particularly in this case. The downbeat serves as a tantalizing backbone that is impossible to not enjoy, with confidence oozing from the first line to the last.

Diverse, classically captivating, and fresh in terms of both sound and delivery, this Vancouver duo is one act that is not to be missed.

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