Review – FOONYAP

EP: Apropos
Release date: June 16, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Electronic

Original, lingering, and haunting in its mixing pot of sounds, FOONYAP’s alternative remixed four-track EP, Apropos, is a musical art gallery: more of a creation than a track list, FOONYAP leads listeners through a thorn-laden forest of sound, enchanting in its emphasis of disconcerting violin and ominous sound effects reminiscent of those in a Guillermo del Toro film. The result? Four shards of modern art transposed into music, set to bewilder and intrigue listeners at every turn.

Opening track, the remixed “Woolf and Plath”, allows FOONYAP’s voice—angelic, amidst the delicately uneasy sounds of disfigurement that cyclones around it—to bubble to the surface as though from underwater. Fighting through spurts of static, the song’s crescendo drags a cold finger up your spine, raising goosebumps. It is less of a song and more of an experience: transformative, unequivocally unique, and irreplaceably fascinating to anyone who dips their toe into it.

Remixed “THE FUN MACHINE” takes a more standard approach, the background instrumentals receding to make way for the sheer power of FOONYAP’s vocal range. With the overtone of chaos still very much present, “THE FUN MACHINE” seems to teeter on the brink of insanity, a pulsating strobe light of stripped-bare lyrics and hurricane-esque instrumentals.

Fearless, artful, and intriguing, Apropos startles and captivates in equal measures, drawing listeners in like a moth to the flame.

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