Review – Ruby Cikada

Release date: June 1, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Psych Rock

Well, Ruby Cikada is certainly going all out with this Canadian EP and it is what most Canadians are all about in the Toronto area. With the funky and alternative rock, mixed with that great Canadian humour.

So, grab your Timmy’s coffee, your dozen donuts and hit the high roads in your pickups to get out to the cottage country and blast this EP to the loons in the lake…or the loons in the cottage beside you.

All these tracks on this EP were perfectly amazing, so I decided to touch base on each.

“Roncy Renegades” is a definite Canadian song! It’s all about memories and stories that we all love telling our friends and bar buddies about and of course our journeys through life. From grade school to high school and friends who fell and those who succeeded, how the older we get, the more we miss being that Roncy Renegade and young energized person.

“All You Pretty Girls” has an east coast feel and sound to it. It’s a nice relaxing song to kick back to on a long drive to the mountainside or deep into Ontario cottage country. It is a song about all “You Pretty Girls” who need to chill out and go grab your own boyfriends and leave the boys alone at those crazy house parties. This message is sung over and over and is as clear a message as it can be.

“Sidewinder” is a song that will make you look both ways and feel the confusion when the track first hits you. It takes awhile to submit to the way it takes a hold of your feet and gets them tapping and changes that look in your face to perseverance and then BOOM, next thing you know, you’re up on the floor dancing away to the mystical vocals and psychedelic sounds.

“Dirt”is the newest summer song in my playlist and the reason why is because it’s a bad-ass song and this “Cicada” song speaks to me. This song features lyrics of tales of being broke and down on your luck. But being down on luck won’t last long with this band. Hell no, they will break free out of this slump. The instrumentals on this track show the unity and professionalism that make it a great Canadian release.

“On the Run” is definitely an upbeat song to get your feet moving from coast to coast in this beautiful country and the motivation of not letting go of what you love. Enjoying the positive addiction of being on the run with your loved one, all the while wondering why love has brought the two of you together. So go find your lover, head out and try new things while playing this song on every move you make.

“Mariners Love Theme” is that pub crawling, dancing and singing crowd pleasing song.  It’s a song that will bring those feelings out, when being around everyone in the same energy, as the feeling comes kicking in and this is just a great closing track to this album that speaks to Canada in its historical and true form.  So Dah Da Dah Da Da Da Da’s a lyric you can definitely sing while the rooms spinning around after a few pints.

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