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EP: Voyager
Release Date: Available now
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Genre: Electronic

Vibe-heavy, psychedelic, sensational—all descriptors for DJ Mixol’s debut EP, Voyager. Delving deep into the expectations of the underground house music genre, Mixol takes those anticipations and improves upon them. The result? A disco ball of sound and atmosphere, transformative and begging for deep listening.

Opening track, the moody “Call Of The Wild”, delivers a hefty punch of 60’s grunge. With a pulsating cadence and a steady flow, the song is made to be felt vibrating up through the floorboards, the ambiance made more to be experienced rather than just heard.

Late-EP “Voyager” takes the rhythm up a notch, ramping the beat up to a fluttering jaunt, beat-heavy and fast-paced. It shimmers, mirage-like, before delving into a sultry hum, the blend of sounds artfully arranged to form a club track that wouldn’t be out of place at any underground venue.

Fearless, masterful, and endlessly fascinating, Voyager spellbinds listeners from start to finish, lingering long after the last track has come to a close.

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