The Wooden Sky releases video for “Swimming in Strange Waters”

Toronto based alt-rock band, The Wooden Sky have just released a video for the title track from their new album, Swimming in Strange Waters, which is out now via Nevado Music. The video is directed by Jeff Bierk, and he took a moment to describe the process of making the video:

“I mostly work with still images, I guess you could say I’m a portraitist, and always with video, I’m drawn to the idea of a moving portrait. The other thing that I’m obsessed with is the sky and clouds – I’m someone who is always looking up in constant wonder. These were the two things that I wanted to bring together.”

“The foundation of this video is a very still frame, portraits, built up, layered, dancing with each other and with the sky – it’s very trippy when Gavin and Simon’s faces melt into each other, I think that’s my favourite part of the whole thing. That frame is then layered over top of a kind of chaotic, moving background, everything moves and morphs, all in an effort to match the different paces, and layers of the song “

The Wooden Sky are currently on tour and have upcoming dates in Toronto and Quebec. See full tour details below.

June 7 Muzclub, Nuremberg,Germany
June 8 Hakken, Hamburg, Germany
June 9 Auster-Club, Berlin, Germany
June 12 El Lokal, Zurich, Switzerland
June 14 Merleyn Nigmegen, Netherlands
June 16 Utopiastadt, Wuppertarl, Germany
June 16- 17 Summer Pie Festival, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
June 23 Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
June 28 Pianos, New York City, NY, USA
June 29 Milk Boy Philly, Philadelphia, PA, USA
June 30 Market Square Boardwalk, St John, NB, Canada
July 7 Festival D’Ete, QC, Canada
July 15-16 Stewart Park Music Festival, Perth, ON, Canada
July 21/22 Gateway Festival, Bengough, SK, Canada
Aug 4 Fliberg Festival, Comox, BC, Canada
Aug 12 Laurie Creek Hullabaloo, Perth, NB, Canada

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