Muneshine releases new single “Full Throttle” featuring The Darcys

Hip hop artist and producer, Muneshine, has just released a brand new single called “Full Throttle.” Featuring rock duo, The Darcys, the track has an upbeat, 80s disco vibe. Blending the genres of the different artists, the track is about dealing with the every day stresses of life – be it from work, school, or relationships. “Full Throttle” is currently available for streaming on SoundCloud.

About working with The Darcys, Muneshine said:

“Wes and Jason [Darcys] are great to work with. They’re obviously great songwriters and musicians, but beyond that we just get along as humans. We share a similar dark and sarcastic sense of humour as well, which makes our sessions an evil pleasure. I love having an idea on my own and finding my own way to express it, but when you bring other people that you trust creatively into the fold and put your heads together you’re forced to explore possibilities that live beyond your own imagination. That’s a beautiful thing.”

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