Photo Review – The Damn Truth

Who: The Damn Truth, The Ricky Ruth Band and Colby Morgan & The Catastrophes
When: Thursday June 1st
Where: The Astoria Hotel Vancouver
Genre: Head Banging Rock & Roll

Montreal hard rockers The Damn Truth swung through Vancouver last Thursday and they played the historic Astoria Hotel with openers The Ricky Ruth Band and Colby Morgan & The Catastrophes. They’re out supporting their second album Devilish Folk. Fronted by the lovely and very talented Lee-la Baum, The Damn Truth put on a fantastic show that had everybody banging their heads along to the grungy classic rock and roll rhythm that reminded me of the music of yesteryear. The musicianship in this band is undeniable and it was definitely a treat to see them in a small intimate venue. I highly recommend you go check them out if you can!

The Ricky Ruth Band:

Colby Morgan & The Catastrophes:

The Damn Truth:

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