Review – Headstones

Album: Little Army
Release Date: June 2, 2017
Genre: Rock

The Headstones 11th album, Little Army packs everything you expect to hear from The Headstones.  Heavy, high energy and loud aggressive songs, The Kingston band did not hold anything back and provide one SOLID album.  There has to be something in the Kingston water.  Such great power bands like The Headstones and The Tragically Hip hail from there and do not fail to impress.Songs like “Devils On Fire”, “Broken” and “Don’t Think At All”  are just absolutely amazing.  If you ever want songs to get you jazzed up, to get ready to fight, to get ready to party, to take the day head on, here you go.  Full of energy, loud fast guitars, excellent vocals and fantastically built songs, I cannot gush enough!

The title track, “Little Army”, “Los Angeles” and “Done the Math” are great songs that make you just rock and chill out.  They are not as high energy as “Devils on Fire” or “Broken”, but they are solid, solid, SOLID rock songs.

“For your Consideration” and “Dead To Me” both have such a punk vibe.  I can see the mosh pit in the middle of the floor at the next show.

“Sunlight Kills the Stars” and “The View Here”… such soft songs for such a hard band!  Very smooth, the guitar and beat just want you to drive all night.

“Kingston” has got a great vibe to it as well. It is not as heavy as “Devils on Fire”, and has more of a chilling’ rock vibe that you would just have playing at your beach party.

I cannot say how much I absolutely love this album.  I am a huge fan of Can-Rock and to have such a great album come out to shine and focus on the Rock genre just puts a big smile of my face.

In my opinion, this album is a must have for the 2017 summer.  Go out NOW and get your copy!

Well what are you waiting for, I said go… like… NOW!!!

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