Tareya releases solo debut single, “Summer Wheels”

Tareya Green made her major musical debut in 2010 as one half of the successful Canadian duo, Autumn Hill. After five years, two studio albums, four Top 20 Canadian Country singles and hundreds of live appearances Green has embarked on a solo adventure kicking off with her debut single “Summer Wheels.” Green who was discovered through her YouTube music videos has shifted gears and is in the driver seat of her own career. Green is a gifted vocalist, and “Summer Wheels” gives us a glimpse of everything Green can do as a solo artist.

“Summer Wheels” is fun, catchy, and the perfect song to hit radio and playlists as the season commences. High tempo, and a melody you can’t get out of your head, you will be singing along with Green before the song is even finished. With a full-length album of original music to follow, “Summer Wheels” gives you a prime example of what to expect from Green. As a new artists Green has set out to establish her unique sound and identity while blurring the lines between country, pop, and even R&B in her own musical blend.

More than just a great vocalist, Green also brushed up on her song writing skills for “Summer Wheels.” Written alongside Canadian country music song writing icon Patricia Conroy and Emerson Drive’s Danick Dupelle, Green explains how “Summer Wheels” came to life: “While cruising down the coast in Florida this January, I fell in love with the ocean. I was full of inspiration to write a beach vibe song so I took a detour through Nashville on my way home to Toronto to do some writing. Patricia Conroy texted me an idea for a song and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I got together with Patricia and Danick Dupelle and the vibe in the writing session was very laid back. It became obvious very quickly that this song was going to be the lead summer single.”

Officially out now you can check out “Summer Wheels” on iTunes and Spotify now. The perfect addition to any road tripping or beach day playlist, have a listen for yourself!

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