Photo Review – CBC Music Festival

The annual CBC Music Festival was held at Echo Beach in Toronto on May the 27th. Canadian Beats was there to capture all the excitement with the many musical acts that were there including Alx Veliz, Birds Of Bellwoods, Bobby Bazini, Bros, Iskwé, Ruth B, Sarah Slean, Scott Helman, Serena Ryder, The Beaches, The Long War, Walk Off the Earth and William Prince. Check out the photos below (in no particular order) and also head over to our Facebook galleries to see expanded coverage. Here’s looking forward to 2018!

Alx Veliz:

Birds of Bellwoods:

Bobby Bazini:



Ruth B:

Sarah Slean:

Scott Helman:

The Beaches:

The Long War:

William Prince:

Walk Off The Earth:

Serena Ryder:

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