Hunter Brothers: The tractor got stuck 2.0 (sequel to the combine got stuck) – a great video!

It was May 20, 2017. Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty were out in the last field that had to be seeded on their final day of seeding when Dusty got the tractor stuck! What does one do when something like this happens? Does one call in for help? What? Well, the Hunter Brothers didn’t do that. Instead, they went to Facebook Live and let their fans know what happened, and broke into song (in perfect harmony no less). Not just any song either. A parody on getting stuck with their truck to Johnny Cash’s hit, “Burning Ring of Fire.”

The Hunter Brothers are known for their hilarious parodies and this one fits right into one of the many things they do best. This parody video has close to 1.5 million views and almost 3,000 reponses already! It’s so funny too! If you are a farmer, know a farmer or have driven by a field in seeding season, you can relate to this video. The brothers are so optimistic about getting that HUGE tractor unstuck that the lyrics they chose were all about having fun in the field and the part of the chorus says it all – “this Spring of mire, this dirty mire.”

They chatted with their fans that were watching the live video, they were laughing about the predicament they got themselves into, and how they came up with those lyrics so fast is amazing.

Take five minutes from your day to watch this video. You’ll end up with a huge smile on your face.

SPOILER ALERT: they got the tractor out of those very deep ruts!

Watch the video here:

Tractor got stuck (seeding 2017) sequel

Posted by Hunter Brothers on Saturday, May 20, 2017

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