Review – Guy Bélanger

Album: Traces and Scars
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Genre: Blues/Folk

Coming from Quebec with his melodic sounds of harmonica solos and straight acoustic guitar play is Guy Bélanger and his newest album Traces and Scars. As a blues fan I am impressed with this album, as it leaves room in the first few songs to actually write your own song or sing to the instrumentals that are put together so well.

We have Guy Bélanger, accompanied by André Lachance (guitars), Marc-André Drouin (bass, guitars and piano) and Michel Roy (drums and percussions).  The album also features a special guest, Luce Dufault who lends vocals on the track called “Who’s left Standing”. We also hear from Claude Fradette and Eric Longsworth. Each guest on the album adds that much more experience and story line to the tracks.

“My Dearest Friend” is a track dedicated to one of  Guy’s  closest friends, Bob WalshThe harmonica on this track is phenomenal and it pulls everything together. You can hear the story line behind the instrumentals and the slow but meaningful sound.

“Traces & Scars” is a great collaboration between a cellist from France, Eric Longsworth and Guy Bélanger. It is a song that tells of the journey of life through the musical instruments played.

“Hot Time” is a track with some good ol’ VooDoo traces sliding in and out throughout the song. With the facts between our French culture in Canada creating the famous Louisiana city and dating back to the war of 1812 and implementing that amazing culture. You can feel the culture pour out in this song.

So with all these perfectly put together tracks, along with the French culture, blues and folk sound,  it has a way of opening your mind, as well as your imagination up.

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