Twin Bandit release new single, “Everything Under the Sun”

Photo Credit: Shannyn Higgins Photography

Vancouver, BC based Twin Bandit is made up of Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliot. The duo has released a new single, “Everything Under the Sun” which is off of their new album, Full Circle to be released this summer on Nettwerk Music Group.  When asked about the single, they responded:

At first listen these two songs may seem to be opposites in sound and message but to us, they belong together. “Everything Under the Sun” was one of our first experiences with Co-writing. We were excited to be in Nashville for the first time and wanted to write a song that expressed our gratitude. A tune for the highway on a sunny day, feeling your freedom, bright eyed and thankful. “To Stay” is a song that Jamie wrote. A more personal expression of struggle on days when it’s hard to get out of bed. It’s a reminder to pull yourself up and keep working for the things you hold dear in life.  You’ve got to take the joy with the struggle, we believe that’s what life is on about!”

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