Review – Honey Rose

Album: Where We Used To Be
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Genre: Country/Folk

Honey Rose, features Sydney Batters of Abraham, and Peter Gardner, of Hawk and Steel. It was never in the bands original plans to write their own songs for this album, initially they had joined forces to do a few covers. This new album, Where We Used To Be is a soothing album of long lost love, and relationship obstacles backed with powerful lyrics.

The album is made up of country and sad, tear in your beer style songs with the both Sydney and Peter taking the lead on vocals. featured guest musicians Danny Costello, Blake Enemark, and Esme John, who all help contribute to the ornamental diversity of the songs.

“Flowers In The Vase” is a soothing song about a broken relationship. This ballad captures a true tale of a disappointing relationship, with a lot of highs and lows. The statement “I always know you did me wrong when there is flowers in the vase” really resonated with me. I really enjoyed this song. It was written by Esme John and lead vocals by Sydney Batters.

“The Letter” is nothing short of a beautiful song of a relationship from long ago that the feelings were so deep, they will always be there. Even though their lives have gone on when the woman receives this letter from years ago, the feelings become fresh. Both Peter and Sydney take different leads with the vocals in this ballad.

“Wait” is a testament of a great love separated by distance, one that most people can connect with. It is the bittersweet feeling of loving someone but not knowing how long they will wait for you.

This duo can’t help but make listeners feel soothed, their lyrics are easy to relate to and have a great amount of variety.

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