Five Questions With Wendy Lynn Snider

St. Catharines, ON based artist, Wendy Lynn Snider has been pursuing her music career since 2009 at the encouragement and support of her husband and manager, Curtt. She released her first album, Life Is Good in 2010, and her second in 2011, a self-titled release. Wendy didn’t slow down then, her third album, Love Me Now came out in Spring 2015. She is no stranger to venues and festivals throughout Canada, with many upcoming show dates. We were happy to chat with Wendy in our newest segment of Five Questions With! Enjoy!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Wendy Lynn Snider. I am an aboriginal artist and a member of the Temagami First Nations in Temagami, Ontario. I am a mother of 2 grown sons, grandmother to a beautiful one year old little girl and step mom to my husband’s 2 children. I work full time in a lawyers office, and am happily married to an absolutely wonderful man, who is also my biggest fan (and manager) ! My husband got me started on a whole new level in the music business about 8 years ago when I was 45. Before that the only real connection I had to the music business was singing the National Anthem at my kids’ hockey games.

Many people ask me “if I have succeeded” in music and what my definition of success is.  A lot of people think that success is making huge amounts of money, your name in lights or being on top of the music charts. To me these people don’t know what true success really is.

Success, to me, is:

  1. Being thankful and able that I can do something that I have a passion for (and yes, it is nice when you are paid to do it),
  2. Being able to perform with the greatest group of musicians around(who are considered family to me and my husband)
  3. Seeing the joy that I can bring to others with my music…I play at a lot of seniors homes and they simply love the old classics !
  4. After all the sweat trying to get out there and be heard, having people call on meto come perform at their event
  5. Never giving up … and above all else…
  6. Enjoying every minute of it ! The minute the fun disappears, you may as well pack it in. You have got to enjoy the journey and be happy!

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style.

I think my music speaks mainly to who I am. I a person who cares about others, one with a lot of emotion, and love for God and my family above all else…The only way I know how to write a song is through the emotions I am feeling at that time. It could be about a particular circumstance in my life like something that affects my husband, or our kids, or it could be about what I may think about what is going on outside of my personal world…but always something that matters to me. Then there is the side that simply wants to have fun. My husband, Curtt, has been a huge part of some of my song writing… giving me pointers or his own thoughts and ideas, even adding a simple line which would take the song to a whole new level. A lot his thoughts and ideas have became part of my songs … so he definitely plays a huge part in the song writing that I do. He helped make the process all that more exciting and fun to do.

Do you have any upcoming shows? For someone who has yet to see you live, how would you explain your live performance?

Wasaga Beach Cruisers Car Show, Wasaga Beach, Ontario – June 24, 2017

Wendy Lynn Snider Band will be performing at the Wasaga Beach Cruisers Car Show providing entertainment for 3 hours of all your favour classic country songs and original music.

Lakefield Country Jamboree, Lakefield, Ontario – July 1, 2017

Second time performing at the Lakefield Classic Country Jamboree, I will be performing a one hour show with the house band some original songs and classic favourites. This year I will be closing the Saturday night show.

Pickin’ By The Pond Country Jamboree, Cargill, Ontario – July 8, 2017

Back for a 2nd time, I will again be performing a one hour show with some of the best musicians in the industry…(a little secret…most of this house band are musicians that have played on my albums and are part of the Wendy Lynn Snider Band).

Sutton Bay Summerfest – New Liskeard, Ontario – July 22/23, 2017

All roads lead back to “home”…or at least close to it…The Wendy Lynn Snider Band is heading to Countryfest in New Liskeard for 2 shows !

Patate Fest – Notre Dame de la Paux, Quebec – August 11, 2017

First time in Quebec performing…I will be playing with the house band at the Patate Fest.

Classic Country Fest – Newburg Camben Lions – Centreville, Ontario –August 12, 2017

After the Quebec festival I will be heading to Centreville, Ontario (near Napanee) to perform a one hour show with the classic country house band.

Charles Daley Park Summerfest, Lincoln, Ontario – August 29, 2017

The Wendy Lynn Snider Band will be performing a 2 hour free concert at Charles Daley Park in Lincoln, Ontario

Drumbo Fair – Drumbo, Ontario September 23/24, 2017

Back for our 4th straight year, the Wendy Lynn Snider Band performs from 11 – 5 playing all kinds of classic country, classic rock and original songs.

Erin Agricultural Fair, Erin, Ontario – October 7, 2017

For a 3rd year, the Wendy Lynn Snider Band is coming back to the Erin Fair to perform 2 one hour shows.

My live shows, with the band who are like “family” to me, are very exciting and a lot of fun. We put on a very energized performance and you can be certain that you will want to sing along !

If you were asked to suggest only one of your songs for someone to hear, which would it be?

Well if its a cover tune, I would love them to hear my version of Linda Ronstadt’s version of “Blue Bayou” or “Wayward Wind” which is one of the cover tunes I recorded on my “Love Me Now” album. If its an original song it would have to be “Yesterday & You”. This was a song I wrote after my dad died. To this day I have a really tough time singing it because its very emotional to me.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

That’s an easy one !!! Blue Rodeo !  I have been a huge Blue Rodeo fan since they first came out back in the 80’s. As a matter of fact, its a real honour and pleasure for me because one of the guys that perform in the Jim Cuddy Band,has played on my “Love Me Now” album and when not with Jim Cuddy Band I try really hard to have this guy play my shows ! And to top that off, Blue Rodeo..or shall I say, Jim Cuddy, unknowingly had a hand in getting me and my husband together !! LOL !! We are both fans of Jim and the boys !

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