Review – Midnight Vesta

Album: Seconds
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Genre: Folk/Rock/Canadiana

Toronto band Midnight Vesta have released their brilliant new album Seconds. Featuring the singles “Moving Day” and the majestic “Second Chances” it’s a wonderful progression as they hone their sound and narrative.

It’s the bands long awaited follow up to their acclaimed debut EP “The Sleight of Hand”. Consisting of singer-songwriter Peter Jarvis, Collin Carnegie on lead guitar and backing vocals, Rob Patterson on drums and bassist Paul Phelan. This evolving line-up sees their banjo-inspired folk sound mature into a chorus led guitar wall of sound that reaches some pretty spectacular heights.

“Second Chances” is a testament to the fuller sound that builds into a truly beautiful composition. Tackling bittersweet lyrics of love, loss and optimism, Jarvis has that rare knack as a songwriter to elevate his lyrics beyond the mundane and is a gifted storyteller.

Sonically clean as the plate on the cover artwork (considering it was recorded in a converted Auto garage) the LP touches on pop, rock, folk and country with shades of Lloyd Cole and Commotions for good measure. Campfire to movie soundtrack, the album evokes just the right tone.

“Cut from the same cloth” is a kith and kin ditty that epitomizes the bands musical Canadiana tag with a mellow harmony that leads nicely into “Annie” a thundering bluesy number of unrequited love. The modern country sound of “On The Water” highlights the well-rounded and subtle completeness that Midnight Vesta now possess.

Catch Midnight Vesta right now as they tour the East Coast before heading back through Montreal for the album launch gig at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern on June 15th. If you get the chance to experience the bands evolution, Canadian Beats highly recommends you make it out!

Recommended Taster Track: “Second Chances”

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