Review – LOLAA

Release Date: May 22, 2017
Genre: Nuevo Pop

Toronto’s very own sister duo LOLAA are set to release their self-titled debut EP May 22 – just in time for the long weekend! The six song EP is full of relaxing tunes, each with a fresh, new sound of indie meets pop meets electronic meets awesome. The whispered vocal are beautifully complimented by soft chiming beats – all while being complimented with powerful lyrics, and an ever classic pop- radio quality. LOLAA has truly brought listeners songs for the summer.

The EP begins with “Breaking Sound”, an indie meets pop hit; the happy-go-lucky beats puts a smile on listeners faces, while the simplistic lyrics get stuck in their heads. It presents a song about heartache in a way that is beautiful and fun. Vocals take the lead, while the soothing indie qualities in the background beats bring forward a vibe of ease.

Next up, the single off of LOLAA, “Always Been” is a more techno sounding tune from the sister duo, while still giving listeners the classic LOLAA sound of soothing beats, and powerful vocals. This song reminded me of a softer version of Florence and the Machine – hinting at the electronic side of indie, without crossing over completely. The meaningful lyrics are brought to life by the lively vocals of LOLAA, making this song well rounded and lots of fun to listen to.

Taking it back to their indie roots – LOLAA does not disappoint with the title track from LOLAA, “Lola”, giving off a haunting, yet romantic vibe. This soft song – accompanied by whispered, echoing vocal and a blissfully reminiscent tune bring forward the sense of simplicity.

LOLAA is an EP that will be on many a playlist – this blissful duo can’t help but make listeners feel at ease; from the meaningful lyrics to the variety this EP brings, it is sure to be a hit all summer long!

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