PREMIERE – Katey Morley releases video for “Noah”

Photo Credit: Paul Kotyk

Toronto based singer-songwriter, Katey Morley teamed up with us to premiere her video for “Noah”. “Noah” is the first single from Katey’s new EP, Then. The song is about a cruel but beautiful boy who uses his smile to get what he wants, and who has most people fooled. The video for “Noah” is very thought provoking in the sense that it shows who we are under our own “masks”. The video features a selection of 32 friends, family members and brave strangers, capturing the transformation that takes place when we remove our masks. I personally can’t get enough of the song, and the video. Katey nailed it on this one!

Katey shared some thoughts on her upcoming EP:

“My music follows few rules, weaving together singable yet unexpected melodies, and effortlessly fusing my lifelong loves of country, folk, jazz and pop music. The forthcoming EP is a collection of songs that swell from deep sources. I’m a storyteller, and my words invite the listener to see as well as hear.”

Connect with Katey Morley:

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