Review – Not You

Album: Misty
Release Date: May 12, 2017
Genre: Slippergaze

Hailing from Halifax, Not You are set to release their album Misty on May 12. The six track album brings in a uniqueness factor in regards to genre, bringing together punk, indie and rock with soft vocal, rock-esque tones and a heavy vibe. Abstract vocal tones give off a haunting feeling, while the tones are all at once natural and punk derived, creating a mysterious aura.

Not You, a mash-up of bands, consists of Nancy Urich (Dog Days), Rebecca Young (Soaking Up Jagged), Meg Yoshida (Bad Vibrations) and Stephanie Johns (The Stolen Mink). This group bursts into the music scene with mellowed tones, echoing vocals, haunting lyrics, and tones.

“Soup”, the pre-released single from Misty, is a haunting tune. The eerie tones of the song reminded me of Alvvays with the smooth tones, and hushed, echoing vocal. The outbursts of instrumental madness brings forward an excitement to this mellow track.

“haha”, the final song from Not You is a simplistic, heavier song with the same echoing vocals – a strong asset for Not You,, but this time giving more of a rocking vibe… sure to rope listeners in if they haven’t been already. The styling and lyrics will have you humming and nodding along.

Misty is an alternative masterpiece – a laid back album with eerie vocals, flowing beats and unique tones. Check out Not You’s Misty for an album full of solid alt-tunes, sure to put you in the mood to put your feet up, and relax.

Not You is going on tour! Check out the dates below:
May 11 – St. John’s, NL, Lawnya Vawnya
May 13 – Halifax, NS, The Seahorse Tavern (album release celebration)
June 09 – Charlottetwon, PEI, Baba’s Lounge

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