Review – Raygun Cowboys

Album name: The Cowboy Code
Release date: May 5, 2017
Genre: Rockabilly/Punk/Rock

This 50’s style band from Edmonton, Alberta is raising the back alley pubs and dive bars from out of their dark deep rooted areas and bringing some crazy energetic knee slapping sounds to your stereo system “every year”.

This album by Raygun Cowboys entitled The Cowboy Code is definitely a must have. The track list on this album is full of great instrumentals and high energy trumpets! These are my favourite tracks on the album:

“Storm Brewing” is a true Canadian song. All about the reckless and unforgiving storms that are always brewing from the east coast of Canada to the west coast of Canada. It’s all about keeping your head above water and not drowning.

“Skitso Frame Of Mind” is a really energetic song with trumpets blazing and knee slapping spoons drumming to the beat. This track, I guess you can say truly wins my attention. It is after all, a Skitso world out there.

“It’s Coming Down” is about the element of surprise that are coming to your town with bombs all around and drums setting off the sounds. You better hide in your place because you know you won’t be safe from it. The guitarists playing and the chorus lines are catchy; they will get you singing along with them. It’s definitely a top notch song.

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