Review – Kayla Howran

Album: Spare Parts
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Genre: Country

Kayla Howran has released her second album, Spare Parts. After spending a number of years in the Toronto music scene, Kayla moved home to Peterborough and back to her roots. The move back coincided with some soul searching and figuring out who she was. By making this move she was able to come write her second album since 2011.

The album is a collection of ten songs that are extremely dynamic, and emotionally complex but always honest. Spare Parts spans what the heart wants, and what it doesn’t get. Howran’s talent is impeccable, this album is evident as to why she shared a stage with some of Canada’s greats like Jim Cuddy and Danny Michel.

The album was recorded at the Tragically Hip Bathouse Studio near Kingston and produced by Blue Rodeo’s Colin Cripps. All but one song on the album was written by Kayla herself, “Thanks For The Good Times” was a co-written with her long time friend Arif Mirabdolbaghi. Howran has shifted from traditional country, as in her first album to alt country in Spare Parts.

“Safe and Sound” is about a heart wrenching break up, laying her heart out on the table. She sings about avoiding country music radio because of the sappy, sad break-up songs that remind her of him. This is the type of song that we all love to hate and really feel connected to when we find ourselves in a similar head space.

“Tone of the World” is a captivating song, it is one that allows you to picture in your mind exactly what she is singing about. It is as though you can hear and feel what is happening as the song is playing, which really shows her songwriting abilities.

This album portrays Kayla’s unique voice and talent throughout each song.  I took this opportunity to listen to her first album, and could hear so much more confidence, and honesty pouring out of this album. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about this artist, she is truly talented and she will be here to stay.

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