Review – Joel Saunders

Album: Where You Go
Release Date: April 2017
Genre: Acoustic, pop, rock

Joel Saunders is a young Toronto based singer/songwriter, with a wide array of talent.  He not only writes and co-writes his own music, but there are also some written and played acoustic songs on the new album being released.

The new album Where You Go was just released.  This album has a great mix of solo acoustic guitar songs, with some elements of pop, jazz, acoustic funk and soft rock. I enjoyed listening to this album. The acoustic guitar songs like Violet Dreaming gave the album an independent, out of the ordinary sound. Listening to acoustic songs is not a part of my everyday choice, but I very much enjoyed listening to these tracks. The songs were uplifting and relaxing to listen to and Joel’s talent is apparent. These were all beautiful melodies.

“Colour of Worth” is about waiting for your time to shine. It is an uplifting song about realizing the true colour of your worth. This song makes me want to get up and dance, or sing as loudly as you can in your car when no one is watching.. This is one that reaches out to all of us, it is relatable with a lot of strong context mixed in.

“Where You Go” is an acoustic rock song about how it feels when someone you care for leaves. Feeling so deeply for someone that when they are gone it feels as though you are falling apart. This is a perfect choice for the album title as it is one of my personal favorites on the release.

Joel is a multi talented artist to watch for in the near future.

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