Review:  Fiver

Album:  Audible Songs from Rockwood
Release Date:  April 21, 2017
Genre:  Folk

The fourth album under this band name for Simone Schmidt, the entire album of melodic folk music is a story of historical fiction. Schmidt wrote the songs on the album based details of patients form the Rockwood Asylum for the criminally insane, not all of which were found in the patients case files.  It is amazing that an artist will do such research and create stories based on others experiences and lives.  Some stories which may have never been told.

The songs swing from deep rooted folk and blue grass. ” Waltz For One” has a strong melody similar to Scarborough fair, whereas “Mouser” is a strong Blue Grass based feel.

The entire album is fused with the deep roots of classic folk/country/bluegrass vibes and harmonies while telling the tales of woe of some of the ladies that were committed to the Asylum, and you can feel for the ladies now immortalized in song.  The songs shift from the folk to blues in a rhythmic fashion to keep the listener engaged from first to last song.

Track List:
1.Waltz For One
2. House Of Lost Words
3. Mouser
4. Haldimand County
5. Hair Of The Dead
6. Worship The Sun (Not The Golden Boy)
7. Carry On Warm
8. Pile Your Silver
9. Yonder White Mare
10. Stable Song
11. Redbird

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