Review – Cartoon Lizard

EP: Not Punk Not Raw
Release date: April 14, 2017
Genre: Psychedelic Pop

Victoria’s showstopper quartet Cartoon Lizard are wowing with their new EP, Not Punk Not Raw. A quintet in essence—the band’s songwriter, the talented Ritchie Hemphill, suffers from a still-undiagnosed brain condition that interdicts him from performing—the psychedelic pop group consists of multi-instrumentalists Brennan Doyle, Alex Maunders, and Shilo Preshyon, and Trevor Lang. Produced by Lang, Not Punk Not Raw is a quirky six-track EP that is both refreshingly distinctive and varied in terms of sound and style.

Sunshine-y track “Top of the Mornin’ draws the curtain back on the EP, letting the light in. With an eccentric blend of vocals, an even more idiosyncratic harmony of instruments, and unashamedly wholesome lyrics, “Top of the Mornin’” is an upbeat jaunt of a song that is fun-loving and original, and showcases both the band’s talent and their genuine love for what they do.

“Not Punk Not Raw”, the same-titled crooner, comes midway through the EP as a romantic throwback to the 60s. With the slow sway of the beat, warbling vocals, and assortment of “peace and love” instrumentals, the track is what hearing a kaleidoscope would be like—entrancing, ever-shifting, and irrevocably unique.

Honest, quixotic, and feel-good, Cartoon Lizard’s reach will extend far beyond their genre. With cross-Canada and U.S tour dates in the works for the summer of 2017, this uplifting and invigorating band are the perfect musical summer getaway.

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