Review – Longhouse

Album: II: Vanishing
Release Date: April 14, 2017
Genre:Doom Metal

Ottawa, ON doom metal trio LONGHOUSE is set to release their sophomore album II: Vanishing on April 14th (physical cassettes are set to release in June 2017 (date to be determined)). The album continues the bands traditional dark post-metal feel from their first album Earth from Water. Having a first-nations musician in the band really brings out the spiritualism in the lyrics.

“Hunter’s Moon” opens the album with a melodic yet eerie instrumental sound.  This continues for a majority of the song and definitely builds on the rest of the album. Mixing doom-metal with a lighter tempo. As mentioned earlier a lot of the album focuses on a more spiritual lifestyle and focusing on  a traditional upbringing, with the one line being repeated at the end “Glide through shadows As we stalk our prey Silver goddess Light our way”. What really stood out for me is the heavier bass solo, as most modern day bands tend to push either the guitarist or drummer to the front-line without realizing the full potential of everyone.

The first single “No Name No Marker”  continues a very dark yet mellow tempo. The messages of death and darker aspects of life is shown throughout the album through lyrics such as “A mother’s hope stifled by waiting a family’s pain through generations. We invoked your name with our last breath To guide you here where we now rest”. Though the drums have a heavier feel, there is still a balance within the song.

The second single “The Vigil” featuring JD Goveil from Loviatar was a personal favourite, with the help of an outside musician, it has brought a bit of an extra zest to the album. Vocalist and bassist Joshua Cayer comments that “It is an exploration of stories of the Thunderbirds…..the Thunderbirds are powerful spirits”. Which is definitely shown in the powerful chords opening the song, and continuing for a solid ten minutes. Welcoming the harsh and dark vocals throughout the track without taking away from any of the beauty the album has brought forth.

Overall though the album is a quick listen with only five songs, you definitely get drowned in the beauty of both the instrumentals and lyricism. If you have a chance I highly recommend both this releas  and the bands debut album from 2015 Earth From Water.

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