Video premiere: Berlin by Caren

Following four years of building up her solo project, Sharon Nutzati is launching a fresh new sound with her collaborative project Caren. In anticipation of her first show as Caren on April 20th at Ildsjel in Toronto, the singer-songwriter has released the live video for her single “Berlin,” which is the first of four videos as part of her new live session series building up to the release of her debut EP set to release September 2017.

“In September, I did one of the most absurd, outrageous and outgoing things I have ever done in my life. I chased a man to Europe. Not knowing his feelings towards me, and not even understanding mine, I booked a flight to Berlin and experienced the most adventurous three weeks of my life. When I came back, I got a job at a coffee shop and waited for his return to Toronto,” says Caren.

Check out the new video and be sure to catch her at Ildsjel April 20th with Altered by Mom, Gillian Nicola and GRAY.

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