Review – Hollerado

Album:  Born Yesterday
Release: April 14, 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock

Listening to this album you can tell there are some underlying themes of the song lyrics.  Political Angst, love and dependence of relationships, and chemical dependence.  Correct me if I am wrong here!  This rock driven album have some real great up tempo songs and are great fuel for the summer road trips.

“Born Yesterday” – the first single and my favourite song of the album.  I find it hard to get past this song as I keep repeating it over, and over, and over again. Up-beat pop style song of love and finding that someone that makes you feel like you have never been hurt before.  A bright bit of positivity to kick off this great album.

“Don’t Shake” – Everything WILL be right in end.  A song reinforcing that you, my dear, might have some trouble weather along, but can accomplish anything.  The safety of you and your partner’s fate rely on you keeping the course.  Again, another upbeat pop song.

“Brick Wall” – More of a guitar vibe that reminds me of The Who.  The political driven song of trying to cross the boarder but the brick wall is now in the way.

“Grief Money” – More of a rock-alternative vibe that the pop-alternative predecessors.  Sticking it to the man, talking about how the corrupt political system kills the lower class, as long as in the end, they can benefit.  Very political driven song based on recent political actions as of late.

“I Got You” – Again, moving from the pop-alternative vibe this is more of just the rock-alternative feel.  “I Got You” is sticking it to the people who values money over the one thing that everyone should have.  That special someone that makes you feel like you are the richest person in the world.  Aweeeeeee

“Rollerskater” – Why does the beginning of this song remind me of Collective Soul with that guitar riff?  Being in your own world, not caring about the people around you.  Don’t we wish we can be be like that sometimes?  Sometimes it would be super nice to have not a care, instead of worrying about friends, family, bills, all your neurosis.  Catchy tune I can totally relate to!

“Sorry You’re Alright” – Solidifying the rock vibe.  As long as you are her and by my side, and then I’ll be alright.  Someone who does not feel mentally okay, dependent on their partner to make them feel like they can survive.  I can’t see anything going wrong in that relationship (sarcasm).

“Eloise” – Such a great poppy melody.  Did I hear the lyrics correctly though?  Someone that needs to self medicate with pills and booze to get through life?  I think we all know someone like that.  Very dark lyrics for the poppy vibe of the song.

“Better than the Cure” – From what I interpret  of the lyrics, it tells the story of an alcoholic that is ready to give up his life for one of sobriety.  Trying to figure out of the harsh emotions of a sober person that can be to hurtful to handle at times better than being happy and numb, but letting your life slip away.

“Age of Communication” – Trying to communicate how he is sorry but can’t seem to get the words out.  A more slower tempo song with heavier guitar, but a good song to wind down.

“If it is Love” – Wanting to finally settle down and be at peace.  Finding that one thing to focus love on and please to end the day.  This slower tempo song is a great way to end the album.

Overall, if you are a fan of rock music, you will love this album.  TRY to get past the first song and you will enjoy the rest.

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